Audi Summit in Barcelona in July: presentation of the A8

Audi Summit in Barcelona in July: presentation of the A8

Audi has invited the global elite to a product launch event on July 11, 2017 that will showcase the brand's latest innovations. On a total area of 10,000 square meters, the brand's first event, the Summit, will showcase the vision of the mobility of the future, the premium services it will provide to its customers, and solutions for piloted driving and parking.

2000 selected guests from all over the world will witness the world premiere of the brand's flagship, the fifth generation Audi A8 (model history).

Audi Summit is the brand's new exclusive forum. Taking place in the modern metropolis of Barcelona, influential figures from the worlds of media, finance, trade and industry will witness futuristic solutions for the mobility of the future, digital connectivity and alternative driving in the cities of the future.

The event consists of two panels, a one-hour exhibition of products from 70 models, and a spectacular experience in the world of the brand, presented at the trade fair center of the city on the Mediterranean coast. In addition to the premiere of the Audi A8, the company will present its vision for the future and a promise to its customers to implement technologies the size of artificial intelligence, the car of the future will change and simplify the daily life of brand buyers.

The exhibition opens on July 11 with a product demonstration on a 50 m long LED wall. The star of the evening is the Audi A8. In the fair palace, guests will merge with the atmosphere of the city, witness the presentation of conceptual models, installations that demonstrate the vision of the mobility of the future, artificial intelligence embedded in technological solutions in the city of the future.

The premium brand will showcase Vorsprung (progress) beyond cars. On the way to a digital world, Audi (repair manuals) will implement more and more digital solutions for the urban mobility of the future. Examples of this are demonstrated in manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing. Can we produce a car without a production line? How can we digitally tune a car and test it virtually? How does the brand engage in environmental protection through the introduction of new technologies? Audi Summit will present a picture of the future transformation.

The new Audi A8 will hit theaters for the first time ahead of its official world premiere. The flagship of the premium brand will tour Marvel's blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming. As such, moviegoers will be the first to get a first-hand look at the new car at the film's premiere on June 28 in Los Angeles.